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Wedding Specials



If you’re visiting this page most likely you, or someone you know, is engaged to be married!  This is a very exciting time for you, your family and your guests. We would love to be there! We specialize in weddings!


Your Beautiful Beginnings Wedding is very important to us. No wedding is ever the same. Our team understands that. Each wedding couple is different so our mission is to make each wedding unique.


We’ve hosted traditional, non-traditional, and weddings of every ethnic background including (but not limited to) Asian weddings, Indian weddings, LGBT weddings, Jewish weddings, American weddings, Irish weddings, International Style weddings, Island weddings, African weddings, Native American weddings, and numerous unique events!


Would you like to hear what our clients are saying about us....please visit our "REVIEWS" tab above.  


Research shows the thing your guests will most likely remember from a wedding is the open bar and the ENTERTAINMENT! That's where we come in! We are here to "earn" your business.


**Special Offer**

1) For all weddings booked before June 2023 (with signed contract & deposit), we will offer a flat rate of $1,099 with the mention of this offer from our website (please call to ask about the details).

2) For all weddings booked before June 2023 (with signed contract & deposit), we will throw up-lighting in with ANY wedding rate package.


* Standard rules apply. Only honoring one offer choice per booking. You MUST mention "special offers" at time of booking.

* Add-On prices will be extra

* We won't inflate or slash our rates based on what we think we can convince you to pay. Everything required to make your wedding day successful is included in our packages.


*We are proud members of:

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