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Our Parties

Grand Opening
New Year's Eve Party
Disco Party
Fireworks Display
Halloween Party
Couture Show


Special Events
Sweet 16's
Corporate Events

Black Tie Event
Political Event
Award Ceremony
Annual Celebration Gala
Fashion Show

YES!! We even do karaoke!!


Karaoke - is a form of interactive entertainment or video game in which an amateur singer sings along with recorded music (a music video) using a microphone and public address system. The music is typically a well-known popular song minus the lead vocal. Lyrics are usually displayed on a video screen, along with a moving symbol, changing color, or music video images, to guide the singer. In some countries, namely China and Cambodia, a karaoke box is called a KTV. It is also a term used by recording engineers translated as "empty track" meaning there is no vocal track. The global karaoke market has been estimated to be worth nearly $1 billion.

*Definition provided by: Wikipedia

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