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          ENERGY Production's    Mission


We strive to create an enjoyable and memorable wedding reception experience. We aim to provide the highest standards of excellence to our customers by listening to them, and doing exactly what they ask. We will treat every job opportunity with the utmost attention no matter the job size. Our honesty and business ethic is what our customers can depend on. We strive to create an enjoyable and memorable event experience by working for you based on six basic attributes:

  • Being Honest

  • Being Punctual

  • Being Helpful

  • Being Responsive

  • Being LOTS of fun

  • Bringing the "ENERGY"!!

            ENERGY    Production's Vision


     We provide the bride, the groom, and their guests with an enjoyable and memorable wedding day by using high quality sound equipment, a dependable DJ, and dramatic lighting...all at competitive and fair prices.


     Our clients look to us for guidance. We want to provide you with the best we have. Our goal is to provide consistent quality in our DJ, lighting, sound, and video presentation services.....and always at a competitive and fair price.

     We have over 15 years of experience, and we have seen times and technology change. People are finding more reasons than ever to get together, and we have been the heart of many good times. It has long been said that the DJ is the life of the party, and we hold that to be true.

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