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Bring Style & Flash To Any Event


Whether you have something elaborate, simple or somewhere in between planned, it's your day! Our experienced DJ will bring out the best in your event.

I am versatile and can adapt to your environment, even if the event calls for a different vibe than initially expected.  I even bring my own wi-fi access so I am able to jump online and grab a special song if there’s one you forgot to request in advance putting us on the cutting edge of the technology driven DJ's in today's market.

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Top Rated Wedding DJ On The East Coast!!

All DeeJay's are not created equal. Good news travels fast!


I am extremely knowledgeable in all different types of music and genres. Part of my expertise is being able to play for mixed audiences of all different backgrounds and musical tastes. This alone sets me apart from today's DeeJay's.


I am more than just a "DeeJay"!!!

“For awesome music entertainment, look no further than Energy Productions”
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